lynx-presenting nipples

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yesterday an incredibly powerful lesbian gave me the best t shirt ill ever own

Bitch I ain't got no spoons left for this shit I just wanted to make dinner

I wasn't even going for the blueberries, they just decided to be little shits

I had to clean 1 blueberry of the floor, now it's 60, fuck

> Think you don't need to write a middlware stack for a project
> Implement the one thing you would've used middleware stack for
> Immediately after encounter requirement that proves you do need the middleware stack


Holy shit, instead of becoming #GDPR compliant Ragnarok Online has decided to terminate the service for all EU players -

I literally wrote "berry under couch" on a post-it yesterday because I dropped a blueberry and was too tired to get it

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I'm so damn short on storage, need to save up and get a RAIDZ2 array or something configured

Ravioli Ravioli you are getting eaten by the dragon loli.

I swear the sole reason @Gargron made Mastodon is so more people would read their shitposts

put telephone rings in your techno tracks so the call is coming from inside the house