*a crush transitions*

Bisexuals: “Hahaha you can’t escape me that easily”

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

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you wouldnt download a catbo-
im being informed that every single one of you would download a catboy.

An cute art by @_RAT_BRAT_@twitter.com featuring @emily @esp and not named here other fren :3

> Port forward ejabberd servrer through VPN
> Can't connect to other servers cus "unknown-host"


going live now with Slime Rancher! come watch me feed some slimes and make them plort twitch.tv/flutterbug

William Gibson criticized Cyberpunk 2077. Predictably, the subreddit for the game got stupid about it and insulted him.

But this has to be my favorite string of comments from the whole thread:

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Pleroma 1.0 will be released exclusively on the Epic store
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