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BREAKING CHANGE IN THE NEXT UNREALIRCD: the only allowed IRC client to connect will be the in-game chat of Unreal Tournament 99

Excerpt from the GitHub acquisition blog post.

"the success of the Minecraft and LinkedIn acquisitions has shown us they are serious about growing new businesses well"

I'm talking shit about Gitlab yet here I am running Jenkins

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Git is insecure, time to switch to Signal

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wow good job keeping those teens safe

Oh, my sidekiq got OOM killed :|

hey nerds. say I want to send something encrypted or at least password protected via email to someone not so tech savvy using windows. What is the least worst way to do this if I want to be sure that they will be able to open the file and I don't want them to install any new software? What will "always" work natively on windows? Password protected zips? Any suggestions?

Hey alarm clock, feel free to go off at the configured time... Or don't I guess

"you may be entitled to a large cash settlement or medium cash hamlet"