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Really not buying the ‘Mastadon is too hard to understand’ patter from people who managed to figure out how to work Snapchat

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official 2018 lrleah twitch ad campaign on mastodon

if you like to watch stupid gay transgirls suck at video games then follow me at

@Muni0 Welcome o/, I hope you like it here

When the header is just right

I dunno whether I just started shitposting more or it's the birdsite exodus but jobs processed quadrupled in less than a week (And that's on a single-user instance)

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Thinking of computer things as people is so fun


Person A, yelling into the room: Hey who is

Person B, yelling back: Hey yeah that's me

> Checks failed Sidekiq jobs
> hostname too long (493) on im . trying . out . a . thing . with . this . thing . that . does . a . thing . dont . ask . why . this . is . fun . weeeeew . ocean . man . take . me . by . the . hand . and . bring . me . to . the . land . that . you . understand . oceaaa...aaan . man

Could you not >:(

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me when i had this made on cafepress in 2016: dumb, this will stop being funny in 6 months

me taking this out of the cupboard in 2018: haha BEEN

Totally stealing/adapting @Sir_Boops jemalloc stuff

Gave push queue priority so I can actually interact with people while these 4500 pulls get processed

Why no one say Henlo

Oh sidekiq ded

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brb need to unheck a thing

> Purge media on a weekly basis
> Still 13GiB