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wow good job keeping those teens safe

Oh, my sidekiq got OOM killed :|

hey nerds. say I want to send something encrypted or at least password protected via email to someone not so tech savvy using windows. What is the least worst way to do this if I want to be sure that they will be able to open the file and I don't want them to install any new software? What will "always" work natively on windows? Password protected zips? Any suggestions?

Hey alarm clock, feel free to go off at the configured time... Or don't I guess

"you may be entitled to a large cash settlement or medium cash hamlet"

Shit! Which exact shade of red is my favorite again??

#funny #ui #ux #design

Also, stock Android 7 doesn't have a reboot power option :/

Finally back up and running, no Android 8.1 for me :(


Me: so uh, couple of questions about character design, do uh, wheels? Exist in D&D?
DM: yes
Me: and um, physical combat?
DM: yes, obviously
Me: one last thing, do boots exist?
Dm: yes
Me: okay so that's all the conponents of roller derby, here is a roller derby elf.

I wrote a post on the first 50 days of Switter from my perspective and my real identity, and cover FOSTA/SESTA, the stress of running Switter, getting kicked off Cloudflare and the DDOS attack we got hit by last week.

fortunately my friends i found a solution with the IT department. my work PC has been virtualized and now i can work remotely using a thin client