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two ancient titans, locked in an eternal conflict

for every boost filibert will get 1 smooch on the head

so it turns out muting keywords for a game just ends up with me seeing a load ot out of context toots on my timeline. please use a CW for context with a keyword I can mute, friends

High key: Thor
Low key: Thor’s brother

The gender of the day is a business casual onesie.


DM: Can't help but notice how much your new character-- Gandalf the WHITE, is it?-- resembles your LAST character, GARY. You didn't even change the name!

GARY: Yeah, well how he died was BULLSHIT.

only watch this if you wanna die inside

Some trans people are men. Some are women. Some are neither.

Some trans people have known since they were kids. Some figured it out in their 80s.

Some trans people have been on hormone replacement therapy for years. Some can't get on HRT. Some don't want to be on HRT.

Some trans people try to "pass". Some don't.

Some trans people have had surgery. Some don't want surgery. Some can't get surgery.

All trans people are valid, regardless of any of the above. :trans_heart:

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grindr is the farmville of dating apps. You get notifications every few minutes to keep you playing, but ultimately all youre left with is a bunch of useless eggplants.